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ACC 高尔夫球锦标赛2019

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ACC 高尔夫球锦标赛2019






挥出您爱心的一杆 ❤   


GOLF 由“绿色 (Green)、氧气(Oxygen)、爱(Love)、友谊 (Friendship)”的英文字母组成,是一项于大自然环境下促进友谊关系的健康运动。特此,新加坡ACC将首次于10月8日举办“ACC高尔夫球锦标赛2019”,提供一个交流平台从而促进ACC与助养父母及善心人士彼此间的友谊,并支持ACC兴学济贫,让ACC非洲的孩子们在大家的呵护下快乐成长。





时间:11.30am – 9pm (包含午晚餐)

地点:Sembawang Country Club

             249 Sembawang Road Singapore 758352



欢迎大家一同参与此次集于绿色、氧气、阳光的大自然运动,并在8月15日前报名。欲知更多详情,请致电新加坡ACC办公处 6692 0773或电邮至 singaporeacc@gmail.com查询。





GOLF with LOVE ❤


The word ‘GOLF’ to us represents Green, Oxygen, Love and Friendship. Singapore ACC is proud to invite all enthusiast golfers to participate in our 1st Golf Tournament 2019 at Sembawang Country Club in celebrating friendship and sport of golf under the mother nature with our sponsor parents, volunteers and new friends. Join us at this meaningful event and to support less privileged African youth in health and education.



Event Details:

Date: 8 October 2019 (Tuesday)

Time: 11.30am – 9pm (Lunch & Dinner)

Venue: Sembawang Country Club

                249 Sembawang Road Singapore 758352



For further queries, please contact Singapore ACC at 6692 0773 or email singaporeacc@gmail.com. Kindly RSVP by 15 August 2019.


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