ACC Africa
Boarding School
Malawi Campus

The first ACC Malawi boarding school was completed after ten years of development.  It has good facilities which can accommodate close to 400 children.

Malawi teaching zone: there are 24 buildings for children dormitories.  There are 15 classrooms at Shunying Xiaoqin (Primary School) Building, including two offices for teachers and one computer laboratory.  Another primary school building is currently under construction.  There are eight temporary classrooms for high school students, which would be converted into women’s dormitory.  The High School building has 24 classrooms, which are now temporarily being used by the higher primary school students, and an office for the primary school teachers.  It also has two teachers’ offices, three buildings of 24 rooms for full time and volunteer workers, a multi-purpose hall (Martial Art Hall and Badminton Hall), and one big and one small modern kitchen in operation.

Malawi administrative zone: the Dongjing and Nanwu Buddhist Halls have been completed and each can accommodate 600 people for morning and evening prayers. There is an attached wing-room for the preparation of ceremonial work.  The Ganlu Fengcha Pavilion was in use since 2015 and the second floor houses the administrative office.  There is a Western restaurant for overseas guests and meetings, an audio-visual building, twelve dengbaodi guest rooms (for receiving overseas groups to the Centre). Twelve dormitories are set aside for local teachers who are involved in supervising children’s studies in the evening.  The 3-story circular central kitchen was completed in September 2016.

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