Ten Thousand Buddhas Program

Malawi ACC Namo Buddha Gem Hall Building Fund

Malawi ACC was the first Amitofo Care Centre (ACC) to be built, and the first Yuan Tong School to be set up.  As the saying goes: “It takes ten years to grow trees but a hundred years to nurture people”.  It shows the importance of ACC places on education.

ACC provides day and evening prayer sessions, blessing the foster parents with long life, good health and blessings.   The Namo Buddha Gem Hall in Malawi has set up a room to house Ten Thousand Buddhas.  We believe that help from all sides would accomplish the work, and people who give would be blessed.  We hope that the light of Buddhism would shine on where world peace and human harmony would be achieved.

Each offering of a Buddha statuette is US$300.   We welcome you to be involved in this good deed and let the motto of “Propagate Buddhism in Africa and Continuing the Wise Spirituality of the Buddha” be carried on.


Joining Ten Thousand Buddhas Program

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