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Sutra Calligraphy 

Covid-19 has affected countries all over the world and new variant viruses challenging the epidemic control systems. As part of our blessing ceremony 2022 for a more peaceful world in this pandemic time, ACC is inviting everyone to participate our sutra calligraphy activity.
The activity detail is as below:
1. Please print out and write the “Mahasthamaprapta Buddha Yuantong chapter“ as many copies as you wish.
2. Please send the completed sutra calligraphy copies to ACC Singapore before 12th February 2022.
3. You may contact us if you need printed copies of the sutra calligraphy.
To find out more information, please call ACC Singapore at 9859 1521 or email to singaporeacc@gmail.com.
Our operating hour is Monday to Friday (10am -5pm)


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