Thrice Yearning Memorial Ceremony 2019

Event Details
2-3/11/2019 (Sat-Sun)
Man Fatt Lam Temple
211 Bedok Road Singapore 469416

2019 is the 10th anniversary of ACC’s International Water and Land Dharma Service.  This year’s theme would be on filial piety, and the various ACC groups would jointly organized 108 sessions of Thrice Yearning Memorial Ceremony.

ACC Singapore would be holding a Thrice Yearning Memorial Ceremony at Man Fatt Lam Temple on 2 and 3 Nov 2019.   The prayer ceremony would be led by Venerable Hui Li and senior monks.  The ceremony is to expound the virtues of repaying kindness, give blessings to the ancestors, and to pray for world peace. It is also offering blessings to ACC foster parents, wishing them happiness, family bliss, and health.  We welcome everyone to join in the prayer ceremony.

To find out more information, please call ACC Singapore at 6692 0773/ 0772/ 0777 or email [email protected].

* For those participating in the prayer ceremony, please bring your own haiqing (robe).  Registration for this event at ACC Office closes 5:30 pm on 30 Oct 2019.  From 31 Oct to 3 Nov, you can register at Man Fatt Lam Temple Administration Office by calling 98591521.

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