ACC Golf Tournament 2023

Singapore ACC is proud to present our 2nd Golf Tournament 2023 at Sembawang Country Club with all enthusiast golfers to participate in celebrating friendship, spreading love and enjoying the game with our sponsor parents, volunteers and new friends.

ACC Thrice Yearning Memorial Ceremony 2022

ACC Thrice Yearning Ceromany 2022

The ceremony is to expound the virtues of repaying kindness, give blessings to the ancestors, and to pray for world peace.

It is also offering blessings to ACC foster parents, wishing them happiness, family bliss, and health.

ACC Vegetarian Gala Dinner 2022

An unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic had impacted the lives of everyone in this world, especially to an economy backward of Africa.

Let us all come together, hand in hand, continue to shower your love to Africa.

Chinese New Year ACCI Blessing Ceremony 2022

2021 is coming to an end. Covid-19 has affected countries all over the world in these two years. This pandemic has brought global crisis which the people are going through this two years. Therefore, ACCI will held a blessing ceremony for the year 2022, to pray for the peace.